It’s hot out there but not for them

The blistering summer is upon us in Bahrain – in all its fury.
Temperatures are touching an average of 45C (113F) in the sun, making everyone broil – literally.
However, these remarkable animals – camels – the ships of the desert – seem to be the only ones not affected by heaven’s fury, out in the heat and grazing away on dried grass.
Nature has its own way – and has made each living being differently – camels being among one of the most unique.
There was a time – not any more, of course, when the camel was man’s best friend in this part of the world – giving the locals meat and milk, as well as acting as a beast of burden, tilling land and carrying loads.
But, more than anything else, the camel was the only transport available to the ancient Arabs. Of course, motor vehicles were there as well but few and far between. It were only these rather unstable looking beings that that could often mean the difference between life and death.
These days, however, they are only used for their milk and meat and that, too, not very often. There are only as many camel farms in this country because the numbers of those involved in this trade are fast dwindling.
Sadly, these majestic creatures are now also mostly of interest to the tourists who want to see the “ship of the desert” in the desert!
Just for the record, camel milk and milk products, as well as camel meat, are quite expensive – and could cost four times as much as cow milk and beef!
That’s rather exclusive!


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