The Big Itch

Over the last couple of months, both our dogs have had an attack of ticks! Wonder which of them got them first, or from where, but they were miserable.
Three-year old Chucky (the Pug-Pekingese) and the much older Tyson (the Desert Dog-Lab ) were continuously scratching and no amount of removing the deadly parasites physically was enough! They would just get back, to the point we had them crawling over the furniture and on our own bodies!
The only option, then, was to skinny shave them (the last resort in the winters) and that’s what happened.
Visits to the local vet, a couple of shots and massage creams and they are on the mend. Several weeks down the line and and they (at least Tyson) is fit again but Chucky still smarts from some left-over blisters.
It wasn’t that simple, however. We had to requisition the bug-sluggers and get the entire house and garden fumigated so that the pesky crawlers did not return – and so far, they haven’t!

5 thoughts on “The Big Itch

    1. Thank you. The poor fellows suffered quite a bit but are now almost normal. The marks are all but gone though the little fellow does itch sometimes. No ticks, however, thankfully. We removed quite a few from our own bodies – and the beds ๐Ÿ™‚

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