Taking in the tradition

Image courtesy: sliceofmylyfe.com


Bahrain is rich in tradition. And the good thing is the government, and the people, are extremely pro-active in maintaining that tradition.
14310644_615767905268834_5012229591801004032_n1While conventional methods of shopping in the open markets and the suq may have taken a back seat, what is thriving are the traditional street cafes in all parts of the country, particularly in the capital, Manama and the ancient epicenter of Bahrain – Muharraq.
SliceOne such place is the Haji’s Cafe, tucked away in one of the old city’s lanes. When I went there at breakfast time on a working day, the place was crowded with office-goers, tourists and shop workers. Though there was still a lot of room to spare, the entire lane the cafe occupies presented a rather festive look.
IMG_1842.jpgWhile what they serve is something we can easily make at home, what sets such places apart is the rich culture and tradition, the ambience, the conventional furniture, the servers and the feel.
21434248_1968299763459415_7398260173006962688_nTruly one of the best places I have been to for a slice of Bahraini life.
To top it all, two people can have a meal to their heart’s content for less than $10.
Now, that’s value for money – with all the freebies thrown in!!


3 thoughts on “Taking in the tradition

  1. I love posts that talk about essence of the city. Places like Haji’s cafe which is around for such a long time speaks about its popularity and USP. Thanks for posting and showing us the real side of your city

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      1. That’s awesome, Mandeep! That’s exactly what we need in this globalized world of conglomerates which are bent upon delivering homogenized experience…everywhere! But that’s not what we always want.

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