The winter’s back – and so am I

I welcome myself back to blogging. After a long lay-off , while life unfolded in a variety of different ways, I was off here – more out of laziness and lethargy than anything else.
Of course, it was also paucity of time, exigencies of work and the like but now that I have returned – if feels good.
What better way to start off with some colour.
Yes, the garden’s also ‘back’ – with its brightness and freshness. It’s suddenly green and colourful – and plants of several hues are raring to bloom. Whether it’s the bright bougainvillea, or the rose, or even the green chilies, pumpkin, tomato, lettuce, coriander, asparagus or anything else.
The scene is much different now than these pictures convey since these were taken a few weeks ago, but that would soon be another post.
Meanwhile, at least I’ve ‘restarted’ – hopefully for good and for a while!
Feels good to be back – and engage with many of my followers – some of whose posts I have been following in the last few months.
As they say, it’s easy to start something – what’s difficult is to keep pace – and in this sense, I often find myself outpaced – by ME!

9 thoughts on “The winter’s back – and so am I

  1. Welcome back..

    Jo baat Kuch ruk Kar kehne mai hai, wo soch Kar kahi jaati hai. Usi tarha thoda sa araam kar waapas aane may Kuch naaya sa hota Hai.

    If these flowers are from your garden then they are beautiful.. plz guide me too to start a garden..though I don’t have space but I love to plant some..

    Liked by 1 person

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