Burnt out

The summer is severe every year, with August being the worst in terms of temperature – and that is when it turns into a virtual sauna out there.
However, this year, its been the “worst in  many many years” if those who are in the know are to be believed.
I personally thought it was the same this year as well and it only seemed to be “worse than before”. But I realized there was basis in all those statements when I stepped out into the garden to take a close look at all those plants that normally are green throughout the year.
And this is what I found.
The croton, the mint, the jasmine, the papaya and even the banana, which had hundreds of bananas just a month ago, as well as the perennial rose, have all withered as if someone has burnt them. And, this despite extensive watering twice a day.
Sad to see this has happened but the gardener seems to think most of them will sprout again as soon as the weather eases, perhaps by the first week of September.
I hope he is right! Until then, it’s up to the weather Gods – and nature!

7 thoughts on “Burnt out

  1. Nature sure can be brutal. We had a milder summer this year so I have no complaints. My main gripe is to have to drag 200 to 300 feet of water hose from the hydrants to various plants on the place. I was so thankful this year not to have to do that! I do hope your plants revive with more favorable temperatures.

    Your attitude is always so good. I admire that about you! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment. There is no answer to the power of nature, is there? The sun’s still beating down as usual but the evenings are slightly better. Hopefully, some of the “dead” plants will revive.


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