A day in Dadar

Visiting Mumbai earlier this month, I decided to take a trip to a part of the metropolis I had not been to earlier – Dadar!
The thing about Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, is that it its amazing ‘retro’ places, its traditional lifestyle and history are overbearing and, if one has the time, one can get lost in exploring its many facets.
That’s what I attempted to do in around half a day in this part of the city and came across several interesting ‘shots’ that are shown here.

It was a hot day and, though it were business as usual, some of the early risers took time off to take a quick nap.
This Irani restaurant, said to be about a 100 years old, still has actual old furniture, glass jars and utensils – amazing to see in these times.
Dadar 9
A regular at the Cafe Colony Restaurant.
Italian, Mumbai and Parsi grandmamas offer their own unique fare. I loved the crisp messages on the menu card.
Grandmama’s Cafe offers an amazing array of food but what struck me was the very thoughtfully-designed menu card “clipped” on a old-style hard board.
This restaurant is the Star of Cochin ( a city in Kerala, Southern India), but offers Punjabi, ‘Moglai’ and Chinese – vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes – a virtual melting pot of cuisines.
No place is “complete” without a Punjabi Dhaba (traditional Punjabi restaurant) and Dadar is no exception.
The “ancient” tap, and in working condition, brought back childhood memories.
Dadar 4
It’s the mango season and it’s obvious all over.
We find these “cowherds” everywhere in India, and the streets of Dadar were not an exception.
Mumbai Police Sub Inspector Muley was only too glad to pose but not before he had given one final twist to his mustache.


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  1. thatmishmash says:

    As promised am here ! Super shots and that menu card is just adorable šŸ™‚

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