Bananas in Bahrain

A little more than a year ago when I got the gardener to plant a couple of banana trees in our little garden, he was skeptical. He insisted these plants would just “create a jungle” and become unmanageable.
A few weeks ago, he insisted he had been “proved right” since the plants had grown all over the roof of ours and the neighbors house, and there was no sign of any fruit. I gave him the go ahead to chop them off and create some free space, at which he seemed quite pleased.
But, then, this happened. Two “flowers” appeared. While I was elated at my “patience”, the gardener seemed quite surprised and in disbelief. Now, more than a month after the “chop” discussion, we have two large stems, with a couple of hundred bananas, showing themselves off.
I look at them several times a day and watch them “grow” and each day, they seem bigger and better.
We never imagined there would be bananas grown in hot and humid Bahrain, where there is hardly any rain at all and which is far from the tropical climate these plants need to flourish.
I got the plants from a friend who said in many years he’d had them in his garden, they had borne fruit only once and that, too, were “a few”. He was desperate to get rid of most of them and that is when I “acquired” two. The thing with a banana plant is that it keeps sprouting all around where it is planted. The “kid banana plants”, as they are called then “take over” the larger stems that eventually wither away and die. Also, once the stem bears fruit, it has to be removed and discarded so that it makes way for the “children” to flower and bear fruit.
The ways of nature are wonderful and more wonderful is being in a position where one can appreciate it’s beauty.
In our own small way, we have that luxury.
What next, I wonder!

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