A very special moment

What started off as a “work” assignment last weekend turned out to be an unforgettable experience.
Though my Arab colleagues were unable to explain to me fully what the assignment was all about, I could gather it was something important for having me be at work on the regular day off.
While it was important since the high and mighty of the local government were present, what interested me more was who the whole event was for – a lively and boisterous group of specially-abled young men and women as well as children.
The “Bahrain for All-All for Bahrain”-organised gathering got together this energetic group, who were treated to an afternoon of song, dance, music and art in the true Bahraini-Arab tradition.
Having completed the formalities of meeting with officials, I got around to interacting with these very special people, who, despite the language barrier, managed to “talk” and express themselves, not once showing they were “different”. They laughed, joked, talked and gestured like everyone else and showed what having a positive attitude towards life could achieve.
Not only them, their minders – teachers, parents and care-givers – were as enthusiastic, making sure they had the time of their lives interacting with the so-called “normal” humans. They enthusiastically posed for pictures, got together for group shots and took selfies with officials and others.
I took a lot of pictures – some of which are shown here – all the time thinking how positive these children, men and women are and how enthusiastically they have taken to their special situation when even we, who are “normal”, are full of negativity, apprehension and stress.
We have a lot to learn from who we may think are less privileged and who many of us sometimes look down upon. God created all as equals but some of them are special. It was a privilege having spent time with these very special people!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    We do have a lot to learn from those who are different than we are. It is all about what we learn from each other… and being kind and caring.

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    1. That’s so right. They teach us so much!


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