An oasis in the desert

Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Park in Bahrain’s Awali township is one of the country’s greenest places. In the winter months, in particular, it is an oasis of beauty, tranquility and peace. Along with the beautiful fruit and flower plants and trees, it has fountains, an artificial lake, a mini zoo with exotic birds and well manicured gardens. These are some shots of the flowers … Continue reading An oasis in the desert

The birds are back

Migratory birds, that flock to Bahrain in the winters, escaping from the freezing temperatures in Siberia and other colder regions of the world, are omnipresent everywhere in the country, especially in the coastal areas. This particular spot, at the so-called ‘dhow graveyard’ in Muharraq, is one that is most frequented by these winged visitors and this rotting dhow is a favourite ‘perching spot’ for them. … Continue reading The birds are back

Going..Going… Almost gone!!

There are perhaps the last pictures of the winter colour in our little garden. We are well into February and it’s just a matter of time the weather will begin to warm up and leave a trail of dried plants and empty patches. The petunia’s have already started drying up, the zinnia’s are losing colour and new rose buds have stopped appearing, even though the … Continue reading Going..Going… Almost gone!!

Finally – the real taste

I was missing the real taste of of the real Punjabi style cauliflower for the last many years. But that changed a couple of days ago when the first “flower” emerged from our little organic garden. Rajubhai, the gardener, proudly showed off the “harvest” and suggested it be cooked immediately so that it doesn’t get stale. We’ve always had some very white and rather good … Continue reading Finally – the real taste