Look into the SPAM folder, people!

11hxy2urgdJust a note to all the followers of this blog – Look into the SPAM folder on WordPress. I have, of late, found several comments from regular followers in that folder. Rather unusual. Some of these were too old to approve now, anyway but I guess lots of my comments are going into SPAM as well. Until WordPress gets a solution to this, I suggest we all look into the Junk.


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  1. arv! says:

    Usually comments with website address are Marked as spam in wp

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    1. Not clear what that means and how can that issue be solved!


      1. arv! says:

        Wp marks comments with links to websites in spam folder

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      2. That may be the case but I have had some straightforward comments in my spam folder and many a time, my comments have landed up in others spam list!

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      3. arv! says:

        Right! I discovered this “feature” last year and I keep checking spam comments every few days to filter out genuine comments which have landed there by mistake! 🙂

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