First Rain


I am sure it sounds strange but here in Bahrain we celebrate the first rain of the season.
A few days ago, an impending ‘thunderstorm’ was announced in the local Press and smartphone weather apps started giving out ‘warnings’ of ‘unsettled weather’ over the weekend.
So it was with much anticipation that virtually everyone in Bahrain was looking forward to a wet weekend and enjoying the downpour. After all, it’s only a few days each winter that there is some rain and people can actually get the wet feeling.
Oh, yes, it did rain – yesterday and again today but, as I always put it, the downpour lasted only a few minutes in earnest and then petered into a steady drizzle, which, too, stopped after a couple of hours.
Anyway, it was enough to get the cars dirty, the house messy and the garden not needing a watering for a day. It did, however, give the plants a fresh, green and washed look and the overcast skies made one sit out in the open over a cup of tea.
We have to make the most of these few days of bliss and always feel blessed when it rains over the weekend.
The forecast is for “cool and sunny” days in the next fortnight so I guess we’ve had it for the time being.
Tomorrow is another day – the first of the new week – and it’s back to the office grind!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    I hope you get more nice rains and no stormy weather. We need rain too – even in the winter months! There has been a lot of fire danger here lately.

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    1. “Nice Rains” — Ha! Ha!! What’s that? The ‘nicest’ it gets here is a total of a week of annual rainfall! And it’s getting worse by the year!


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