Forces on the ready

Bahrain is now conducting the largest-ever joint security exercise involving police and security forces of all the six Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries.
The Arabian Gulf Security 1 is being conducted as part of efforts to confront regional challenges and aim to enhance combat readiness security forces to deal with potential emergencies, especially terrorist attacks as well as to cement regional coordination and cooperation within the framework of a GCC security agreement.
According to Bahrain’s Public Security Chief, Major General Tariq Hassan Al Hassan, the joint exercise will promote the ability of GCC States to fight terrorism. He said such drills would be held every two years.
This exercise is the first of its kind in the Gulf region where field training will be conducted on the terrorist risks facing the region.
All risks facing GCC countries will be taken into consideration and there will be simulation of security threats by terrorist groups.
The purpose of this drill is also to boost readiness of security forces among the GCC countries by fostering cooperation and coordination in dealing with crises and emergencies.
Bahrain’s Interior Minister and Commander of the exercise, Lt. Gen. Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said Gulf security cooperation has reached highest levels.
During an inspection visit to the exercise’s command and control center, the minister praised Arab Gulf states’ efforts to promote readiness against terrorist threats.
During his visit, the minister was briefed on the progress of operations and coordination between the different units, including field performance and readiness and competency for a wide array of different security contingencies.
The minister said the goal of his visit was to inspect the progress of the exercise. He said the presence of GCC armed police working together to implement joint counter-terrorism tasks showed the highest level of security cooperation.
He also said that a joint Arab force would strengthen counter-terrorism readiness, unify regional working parameters and highlighted the necessity to maintain strong cooperation between GCC security authorities as well as promote daily interaction to follow up on all types of cross border crimes.
The interior minister expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all participating units, noting that this exercise has reinforced confidence in GCC States’ ability to maintain security on their territories.
The exercises will continue until mid-November.
It comes after “Gulf Shield 1” executed by the Royal Saudi Navy Forces and the “Gulf Bridge 17” completed by the Saudi Navy and Bahraini Navy.


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