Sikhicide: No Media No Cry

This was written two years ago to mark the 30th anniversary of the mass killing of Sikhs in India, following the assassination of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.
The situation, two years later, remains pretty much the same, with politicians of all hues and the media, as well as the present state and Central governments, doing nothing. For everyone, but the victims, the “riots”, as they call it, are a closed chapter.


1984-a1-bodyI am hurt today. I feel insulted. I am appalled and ashamed of the politicians and the system we have in India.
The media is also silent – not one of the channels is discussing the 1984 incidents even when they can have lengthy tirades on non-issues like a police officer not tying his shoelaces!
Thirty years to the day, watching television with my parents, we saw the aftermath of the genocide against Sikhs in the Indian capital, New Delhi and other parts of the country.
We saw rows upon rows of burnt houses and vehicles and I found mother weeping and muttering under her breath. We were aghast, and she was disconsolate. After all, what wrong had these thousands of people done?
Yes, a Sikh had shot dead Prime Minister Indira Gandhi but did that mean the entire community would be targeted? Sadly, it did, then.
I was expecting…

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