Life’s back

Cherry tomato saplings are getting ready for transplant
Hot green chili flowers have made an appearance
The long dormant money plant has sprouted again
This solitary flower has made its presence felt in one corner of the garden
The asparagus seems to be happy
This lily lookalike keeps watch from its cozy corner
We are hoping the grape would bear some fruit this season
One of the best creepers to have in hot climate

Bahrain’s weather’s changed in the last few weeks and nowhere it is more apparent than in our tiny garden.
Suddenly, everything’s back to life. And we are making the most of the “purple patch” lasting a few months of what we call the winter.
The fenugreek and the radish have sprouted, the money plant has started growing fresh leaves and the grape plant suddenly looks happy.
The bougainvillea is once again climbing all over and the cherry tomato are readying for a transplant. Asparagus has once again turned bright green from a deathly yellow and even the grass is showing its true colour.
One of the most amazing sights, however, is a lily lookalike in one corner of the garden that seems to have sprung up from nowhere. It’s a tiny plant but even with that size seems to be towering over everything else and keeping watch.
Several other things need to be done and some more plants, particularly seasonal flowers, have to come but just seeing so much green and colour after nearly six months of “drought” is sure a happy sight.
Happy Gardening to us 🙂

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  1. elaine says:

    happy to see the pics which hold lots of hope 🙂


    1. Yes. We can only see a REAL garden in the winters.

      Liked by 1 person

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