Morning feast

Nothing like a traditional Bahraini breakfast at the start of a working day. And that’s what happened today.
It always happens. I start work very early in the day and that means no (or a very hurried) breakfast. That also means I have to ‘exist’ on tidbits (and the occasional tea and coffee at “peepa” time).
But that was not to be this morning. Having finished work on the month’s magazine issue, I had some spare time and that prompted me and a colleague to take a 15-minute walk to the Old Suq. And what better way to celebrate the rapidly changing weather (it’s actually getting pleasant now) that parking ourselves at the Manama roadside cafe and having our fill.
Work could wait (there wasn’t any in the day, anyway) but this opportunity does not come often, especially on a weekday.
We ordered liver fry and tomato scrambled egg along with plenty of local leaf and the traditional ‘khabas’ (bread). Of course, there was Sualimani Chai (Black tea) to wash it down with.
It’s an understatement to say we had a great time. We absolutely loved it, especially since it’d been a while since I had this stuff.
The rest of the day was, well, well-spent after the perfect beginning.
And, just for the record, we spent a dinar and a half only ($4) for the spread!Value for money, certainly.
As for the “peepa time”, that’s quite another story!
Watch this space!!

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