Banana boom

Bananas – lots of bananas – of different kinds – are omnipresent in Kerala. Every house has several banana trees, they are everywhere on the streets, at every roadside and on every dining table.
The tiny “Kerala banana” is native only to the state while the larger, “regular” variety can also be found. However, it was the rather unusual “red” banana that I was most attracted to. It’s actually weird since it has a paper-thin skin and is “mango-ish” sweet. One can eat several at a time and still not have enough. No wonder, then, locals say it has certain digestive properties.
From up north, where I come from in India, the red banana is “imported” from Mumbai, where it is grown in abundance while locally, the “chitri wala” (pock-marked) banana is a best-seller, in spite of it’s rather “ripe” look.
Having all those bananas was certainly an “add-on” to my short Kerala trip, which was extraordinary in many ways.
Watch this space!

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  1. pins & ashes says:

    Oh so you met the bananas is it. What I miss outside Kerala are in fact the bananas

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    1. Awesome. The bananas are awesome, particularly the red ones 😀

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      1. pins & ashes says:

        My least fav ones. They say it is medicinal. I like the smallest ones.


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