Wish you were hair

pin-bald-head-clipart-etc-on-pinterest-cNSJFN-clipartThere might still be a permanent cure for baldness, if a colleague has to be believed. This gentleman, a seasoned veteran, has had a medical condition that has evaded all cure for many years until he found to his relief, and amazement, that one particular concoction presented a solution.
He claims that ever since he has had that medicine, his chronic condition is under control.
But, he added with a smile, there had been a side-effect. The bald patch in the centre of his head has suddenly sprouted hair!
However, he’s not complaining. On the contrary, he’s quite happy. Maybe he wants to patent the cure in the time to come, but has to look for people with a medical condition similar to his.
Bald people have, for generations, looked for ways to fertilize the barren patch on their heads, sometimes going to extreme lengths to make hair grow. Among the cures are rubbing various kinds of oils, milk and onion paste, turmeric, and even the sting of a scorpion, not to mention homeopathy, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.
Many enterprising businessmen have always made a fast buck selling various kinds of concoctions. Street “quacks” everywhere offer cures out of leaves, roots and the bark of trees.download
Modern technology has now ensured there are hair transplantation techniques available; but is there a permanent cure?
The issue is so important that man will try almost anything to get that tuft back – even if it means getting conned or resort to life-threatening remedies.
But a doctor friend, who does not have even a single strand of hair on his head, says it all through a small poster in his office: God only wanted some heads to shine – the rest he covered with hair.
If only we leave it to Him!

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