Home-made tandoori roti

This is so awesome.
I remember my grandmother make tandoori rotis in the traditional mud and clay tandoor crafted in the backyard. The contraption was fired with cow dung cakes and logs of wood. Those were the days!


For many weeks, I wanted to make tandoori roti at home, in the same way as my mother made once upon a time. For all those familiar with this kind of Indian flatbread, it’s normally (at least these days) available only in restaurants and made in traditional, under the ground, clay tandoors (ovens).
As a child, I was often called upon to take kneaded dough to the neighbourhood ‘tandoor-wala’ to get these roti made, an exercise that sometimes took an agonising hour, or even more.
It was then my mother, the genius in the kitchen that she was, hit upon the idea of making a tandoor at home. This she did by cutting one side of a four-kilo cooking oil can and ‘pasting’ the flattened dough on the sides.
Keeping that in mind, I last week got a local blacksmith to make this contraption for me and, lo and behold…

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  1. irusja11 says:

    This is so inspiring! I love the post:)



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