Sun-burnt flowers

This one sunflower plant (top, left) managed to defy the odds and grow, even though clutching to the gulmohar tree in the front garden but when I saw it this morning, it wasn’t a very happy sight.
In the extreme heat (screen grab on right), it lay drooped, distraught and forlorn as if it had no strength.
Humans are also in the same situation when they have to endure the stiffing heat, especially in July and August. The temperature doesn’t seem must but, combined with the 75 to 80 per cent humidity, it becomes ‘boiling hot.’
Sunflowers in Bahrain normally grow in the winter and we had some very large and healthy plants (bottom pictures).
Apparently, a few seeds had fallen off while clearing the patch and this new plant is the result of that.
Hopefully, and with constant watering, this plant will survive another few weeks.

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