Market Day

This pick-up truck is weighed down with “tonnes” of used clothes, books and other articles that are being taken to the famed “Friday Market” in Bahrain’s Isa Town. This is a common sight on the streets around the venue every Thursday afternoon when the temporary market opened for business. Over three days, people can buy anything from used furniture, clothes, books, car and machine spare … Continue reading Market Day

Cop meant good; Chill people…

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In a laid-back southern state of India, a senior IPS officer and Excise Commissioner of Kerala Rishi Raj Singh recently became the butt of many jokes when he asked a gathering of girl students, “Are you aware of the legal protection women have in our country. If a man stares at a woman uncomfortably (meaning indecently or say in sexually suggestive… Continue reading Cop meant good; Chill people…

Home-made tandoori roti

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For many weeks, I wanted to make tandoori roti at home, in the same way as my mother made once upon a time. For all those familiar with this kind of Indian flatbread, it’s normally (at least these days) available only in restaurants and made in traditional, under the ground, clay tandoors (ovens). As a child, I was often called upon… Continue reading Home-made tandoori roti

Death need not be painful

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When the time comes, we should take palliative care take charge and learn to let go. A year ago, when I walked into the Intensive Care Unit and saw my father wailing and roiling in pain, all I wanted to do was run, somewhere far, where his cries wouldn’t reach me. My 84-year-old father, my best friend, was enduring raw, intrusive… Continue reading Death need not be painful