Mr. Goswami haazir hoe!!

arnab-goswamiI did not think I would ever write about Arnab Goswami and his comedy circus, The Newshour. But, here I am.
Honestly, I was ‘encouraged’ by Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai. No, I have not watched the show, or shows, these two are writing about (I have kept a promise to myself I wouldn’t) but can see where they are coming from.
The court jester that this guy has become in the name of journalism needs some serious bashing up by any self-respecting member of the fourth estate. Surrounded by ‘experts’ of all hues and ‘spokespersons’ of political parties (who get their publicity anyway), he holds court and mouths out so-called ‘nationalistic sentiment’ to a like-minded audience of shallow and near-sighted people.
He belittles, blasts and berates senior jurists, thinkers, authors, the common people as well as politicians, who have been around since he was in nappies. You only have to disagree with him to be shouted at on national television so that his followers on Times Now can laugh, slap each others backs and give him a sense of how very great he is and what a hero he is to try and save this country. 844ce42232f1e765314a98ec821c4ba3
Barkha, and Rajdeep, you’ve taken the lead but I hope everyone else does, too. This guy should be humiliated in a way that he is humiliating others. As they say, within the walls of one’s own house, everyone’s a ‘sher’! Ditto for Arnab.
Has anyone ever seen him step out of the studio (except, perhaps, to conduct that sham ‘interview’ with the Prime Minister and, earlier, with Rahul Gandhi) and go to Kashmir, Assam, Arunachal, and the streets of Mumbai, or any other place?
It’s so easy to shout down everyone from the confines of your safe house and feel an imaginary sense of pride, surrounded by ‘defence experts’ and retired generals, not to mention the “guests from across the border” who, I am sure, must be fighting among themselves to be on the show and get abused, shouted at and humiliated (after all, even for that, there’s a cheque in the bank, isn’t it?).
If you have the guts, Mr. Goswami, come out and REPORT the news. Look around you. See what’s happening from the spot and not from your plush armchair. You will see there’s a different world out there. Maybe, just maybe, that’ll turn your circus into a news show – what it were meant to be anyway!