Monsoon Magic – or ‘aswachh’ Bharat

Mumbai during the monsoons – July and August in particular – is magical everywhere but by the sea, it’s heavenly. The view is beautiful and one cannot but sit on wet sand or take a walk along the coast, to soak in the view. But, as these pictures show, how can one escape the stench, the filth and the garbage so very common in Indian metropolis? I wonder what happened to the ‘swachh Bharat’ (clean India) campaign so tom-tommed by the Prime Minister? Why haven’t we seen armies of ‘volunteers’ descend on this, the Juhu area of Mumbai, and other places, clean up? And what, if any, is the punishment for us as a nation of litterbugs? Maybe that’s why they say in India, ‘bhagwaan bharosey chalta hai'(the Almighty runs the country)! That rights true because if that were not the case, this vast nation would’ve chocked a long time ago.


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  1. arv! says:

    even though civic authorities have big role to play, I have realised that even citizens don’t bother to do their bit. It’s not part of culture to throw trash in right place. This applies not only to uneducated but also to rich & literate. I have seen even people driving in luxury cars throw the left overs of take away out on road side. What else can we expect?
    To be honest it only gives you negative vibes….may be we too are at fault somewhere, by not contributing our part.

    I made this post on similar issue, if you would like to have a look.

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    1. You are right – absolutely! The people have to first learn to keep themselves and their surroundings clean. The government can do only as much and no more. However, in most places, I see virtually NOTHING being done by the civic authorities – there are no bins, collection vehicles do not come, there is no place to dump the garbage in and there is NO BUDGET (so they claim). The effort has to be collective. And the irony is that these same Indians behave themselves when they visit, travel, or stay abroad. Pathetic.

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      1. arv! says:

        I will agree with you. I can’t comment on other cities but out here, people don’t pay municipal taxes and expect authorities to maintain everything…cleanliness, parks, roads etc. How is that possible? civic authorities need to collect 900Cr in local tax arrears and are crying for lack of manpower and resources. At the same time, these authorities also waste tax payers money on fancy purchases for cleanliness which is sheer wastage and after sometime is thrown away as junk!

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      2. It’s the classic case of “who will bell the cat?”

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