Monsoon Magic – or ‘aswachh’ Bharat

Mumbai during the monsoons – July and August in particular – is magical everywhere but by the sea, it’s heavenly. The view is beautiful and one cannot but sit on wet sand or take a walk along the coast, to soak in the view. But, as these pictures show, how can one escape the stench, the filth and the garbage so very common in Indian … Continue reading Monsoon Magic – or ‘aswachh’ Bharat

Singing at Singshore

We never thought we would make it here but did. The incessant monsoon rains, landslide-infested roads and the steep and slippery terrain notwithstanding, our expert driver and guide ensured we would not miss one of the “wonders of Asia”, as the Singshore suspension bridge is called.The highest bridge in Sikkim and the second highest bridge in Asia, the ‘hanging’ structure is over 100 meters in … Continue reading Singing at Singshore