Our gardener had no clue and neither did we – but a friend, who is a senior official at one of Bahrain’s premier plant nurseries, was adamant we plant sweet corn in our little garden this summer. “Little grows in these parts this time of the year, but you’re sure to have plenty of sweet corn,” he said.
We did plant the corn, in spite of the gardener’s skepticism, and hoped for the best.
While the plants started ‘flowering’ a few days ago, we were not convinced until we saw the actual fruit.
And, today, that has happened. We have an actual corn cob on one of the plants. Yes, it’s exciting, particularly now that we know we could get several scores of them in the coming months.
The summer is so harsh here that only the most resilient of vegetation emerges unscathed, with even the hardy okra and the green chili succumbing to the conditions.

This is what remains of one of the green chili plants, even though it’s in a shaded area of the garden


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  1. Here’s an interesting fact about corn: It takes one piece of pollen falling from the tassel at the top of the plant to make ONE kernel of corn on that cob. 🙂 ❤


    1. Very interesting indeed!

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  2. thatmishmash says:

    Corn-gratulations !

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