Desi fish ‘n’ chips

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Fish and chips is an all-time favourite around the world. But I gave it a twist this evening. After marinating Kingfish steaks in a wee bit of red vinegar, salt, red and black pepper, it was cooked on the plate grill and then served with raw onion, lemon mint leaves and seasoned French fries. The turnaround was complete. We had the… Continue reading Desi fish ‘n’ chips

Scribe Tribe

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Looking at the distressing pictures from the aftermath of the “Himalayan Tsunami” in Northern India, I cannot but salute journalists on the ground bringing the latest developments to the world. They are in the thick of things, some even at places where rescuers and help have not yet reached. I remember times as a journalist when I was confronted by mobs,… Continue reading Scribe Tribe

Dads don’t die

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I didn’t know today was going to be father’s day until this moment! Isn’t it a strange ¬†coincidence I am promoting my shortread book (Kindle book) ‘Past Life’ dedicated to my late father today, a decision I took last evening! It goes with the theme of my book though. I should admit, I haven’t got my book edited, for I really… Continue reading Dads don’t die