Colours of the summer

The summer is upon us. Day temperatures are already in excess of 37C and its getting warmer. Yes, in these “trying” times for vegetation, the garden is in bloom. Well, not really, since there are only a few flowers and shrubs that are thriving. The hardy bougainvillea is one of them and so is the yellow “trumpet” flower that is making its way up the wall. There is, of course, the odd rose and the “paper button” flower, which are trying their best to show themselves off.
I got a surprise, however, this morning when I stepped in a “side lane” of the house and saw the banana tree had really grown. Quite an achievement in these parts where there is hardly any rain at all and extremely hostile climate to boot. At this rate, maybe, we shall have some fruit after all by the end of the summer!DSC_3956


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  1. BRIJ SHARMA says:

    Lovely pix to gladden the eye. Shows how even a small well-tended backgarden can bloom and bring such joy.

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    1. Thank you. Gardening is such a great past time


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