‘Bhindi’ boom — cookwithsingh

It’s summer time and in these months, nothing of significance is grown in our little kitchen garden. However, that’s not the case for the okra, or the ladyfinger, or ‘bhindi’ as we call it back in India. We’ve had four ‘harvests’ already in the last couple of weeks but last night decided to have it…

Macro magic

It was hot in the day and rather uncomfortable. Yet, these flowers in the garden were bright and fresh! It’s a wonder how they manage to not only survive – but also be ‘happy’ – in these harsh conditions. And, yes, the new macro filter on my camera lens rells the story rather well!

Revival — cookwithsingh

I am now in the process of reviving this blog that I began three years ago but stopped somewhere this time in 2015. However, in addition to putting in an occasional recipe, I will also have pictures of food, mostly cooked at home, along with some reviews of restaurants we eat at. via Revival — cookwithsingh

The way home – on GoPro

I have always wanted to take pictures of several things while driving home but never got around to finding a way to do that. However, courtesy a friends GoPro Hero3, I finally managed. These are some of the images captured (screen grabs from the video actually) on my way home from work. The camera was…

Busy butterfly

Captured this amazing sight in the garden – the butterfly was so busy sucking out the nectar on this Zenia flower that it did not move even when I came within inches of it. Nature at its very best!