Meet Chucky the adorable

This is Chucky – an 18-month old Shujistu mix. He almost became victim of a heartless landlord and complaining neighbours when his owners were told to move out of their apartment or give him away. I am glad we chanced upon this very playful and affectionate fellow and took him in, much to the relief of his first family. They are, of course, truly devastated and distraught to see him go but they will be happy to know their Chucky is doing very well now (after being down in the dumps for two days). He has adjusted well with our mutt, Tyson, who is four times his size (and six years his senior) though he often gets “those” looks from the “elder statesman”. We are thrilled to have him around even though we feel for those who were forced to give him away.
There’s also a message for all dog and pet lovers out there – please adopt and do NOT buy. There are many who need homes and there are many more Chucky’s around. They need help – compassion, and understanding!
We also had a similar experience in April last year when our own landlord asked us to move out since Tyson was “creating a nuisance.” We were, fortunately, able to move and found ourselves a villa. And Tyson’s never been the same again!

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  1. BRIJ SHARMA says:

    Ek baat hai pakki,
    Chucky is very lucky

    Liked by 3 people

    1. He sure is. BIG DADDY is also now liking him!


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