The one that got away


This is one of those lucky cats that got clean away – in fact, it repeatedly gets away.
The feline (this particular one among the scores that we have around the compound) makes it a point to come snooping in the garden only when Tyson is indoors nut, of late, it has started venturing out into the open, walking along the wall on to the neighbor’s area – and is now aware the growling and very mad Tyson cannot scale the wall.
This was one such instance. Tyson was out. We were, too. And then the cat came. He tried to play it cool, sat quietly as if he was not interested, in the hope the cat would get careless. It did not!
After staring at Tyson for a while, it made its way across the wall and that’s when all hell broke lose. Fortunately, the tomato and the green chili patch is ready to be done away with so there was no real harm done.
The cat, meanwhile, took a leisurely walk across the wal and disappeared, leaving a furious Tyson behind.A typical cock a snook moment!


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