The Guest

This little fellow came calling at our garden this morning after escaping from under the neighbor’s fence. We were, of course, quite amused with its antics but can only hope our own Mr. Tyson does not get at it, like he does with cats all the time.
Strangely, this bunny, and the scores of cats that forever roam around the compound, seem to be great friends. No wonder then that Mr. T is not amused – and he expressed his displeasure in no uncertain terms at the ‘intrusion’.


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  1. Littlesundog says:

    Aw, what a sweetie! It looks like someone’s domesticated rabbit. The wild one’s here are camouflaged rather well with brown tone fur. Rabbits can be very entertaining. I hope Tyson keeps his “inner dog” in control!! πŸ˜€

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    1. This one came from the neighbour’s – and they know about Tyson. So good luck to them!


    2. Somehow I am not able to comment on your posts 😁😁


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