The long and the short of it!

These pictures are self-explanatory. The green chilies on the left are ‘native’ to Bahrain and have grown very well (as usual) but the humble carrot is not. We made an attempt, however, to try and grow carrots and did everything right, including the fertilizer and the pesticide to prevent any infestation, but this is what we got. Cannot fool nature, can we?   Continue reading The long and the short of it!

No, this is not Bahrain

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Picture for representation only I haven’t felt like this in a long time – if ever! Angry, miserable, annoyed, call it what you want but that’s not the way Bahrain is. A perfect start to a perfect day at work was ruined by an obstinate and rude “gentlemen” who insisted on calling the traffic cops after I banged – and supposedly… Continue reading No, this is not Bahrain

Ceiling Art

Looking up at the ceiling as we sat at Emmawash, a traditional Bahraini restaurant, for breakfast this morning was a revelation. The graffiti and the talent of the artists gelled completely with the ambiance of this very energetic place on the Budaiya Highway. Clientele, among them Europeans, Arabs, Asians and Africans, were equally at ease with the very friendly staff and even friendlier owners! Certainly, … Continue reading Ceiling Art