The long and the short of it!

These pictures are self-explanatory. The green chilies on the left are ‘native’ to Bahrain and have grown very well (as usual) but the humble carrot is not. We made an attempt, however, to try and grow carrots and did everything right, including the fertilizer and the pesticide to prevent any infestation, but this is what…

‘Skeleton’ at the ‘graveyard’

I found this picture of a rotting and disintegrating dhow – resembling the skeleton of a dinosaur – in an area off the coast of Muharraq, Bahrain they call ‘The Graveyard’ for such craft as well as old fishing boats. Uncanny that it resembles what it does and at the location where it is!  

The Guest

This little fellow came calling at our garden this morning after escaping from under the neighbor’s fence. We were, of course, quite amused with its antics but can only hope our own Mr. Tyson does not get at it, like he does with cats all the time. Strangely, this bunny, and the scores of cats…

Dog’s Day Warmth

This picture, courtesy my daughter, Asveen, says it all. A couple of stray dogs find warmth in a pile of freshly-fallen dried leaves. Goes to show animals will figure out a way to be comfortable, even in the harshest of circumstances. Nature’s ways are unique – and practical!  

Colour – by evening

A Bahrain sunset is always special. And, if it’s winter, even more so! This evening wasn’t any different. Even it meant parking on the emergency lane of a high-speed highway and clicking away, it was worth the while. The cloud formation, the buildings and the sun about to set made for a phenomenal sight!