The Game is on

bahrainIt’s finally happened. It had to.
Petrol prices in Bahrain have today shot up 60 per cent – the first time an increase has been effected in 33 years – and all hell’s broken lose.
A litre of gasoline now costs between 33 to 43 cents so one can imagine what it was earlier!
Virtually free, if you ask me. Coming from India, where it still is three times as much, I always found we were in the “lap of luxury” in this part of the world, where gasoline, electricity, water, cooking gas and meat cost next to nothing.
Gone are those days, however. In keeping with purse-tightening measures all over the world, the first step was removing subsidy on meat, which led to a three-fold increase in price. This was followed by doubling the cost of electricity and water and now comes the ultimate “injection” – well, not really, since household gas is still untouched!saudi-economy-budget-oil-deficit-electricity_93d036c6-addc-11e5-9032-83a4d7c37095
This increase notwithstanding, I am waiting to see how many people actually stop driving, or buying, cars. I will have to wait and watch how many begin to use public transport (thankfully, it’s much better now than it once was) and I will be completely amused if I see “car-pooling” happen! I will also be almost flabbergasted if I see residents and citizens in this archipelago actually walk to the neighborhood grocery store or send their children to school by the school transport, all to safe petrol!
That’s not going to happen – not on your life!
We will all get used to it in a day or so and it’ll be life as usual. We’ll murmur some discontent for a while and then get on with it!
This has happened all over the world and it’ll happen here as well.
There was a time gasoline in India was 15 cents a litre; it’s now more than a dollar! Yet, the numbers of vehicles on the road has grown several thousands of times.
So, life goes on and it will here as well.
However, it’s amusing to see online reports (pictures and videos) of thousands queuing up at filling stations in their very expensive, flashy and not to flashy cars trying to get a fill one last time at the old rate so that they could save enough to buy themselves ONE meal at the local McDonald’s store!
Now that’s human nature. They love playing these games. And how!


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  1. Hope this move will make at least a few think twice before burning fossil fuel without any after thoughts, right?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this update from a very interesting place, Mandeep 🙂

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    1. singhcircle says:

      I hope so, too. But I am really skeptical. The problem is there is no reliable public transport here. And, even if there is, people are just not conditioned to use it!

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  2. Kally says:

    Thank you for following me and I love how creative you are and the wonderful posts. I’ll be back to read more of it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. singhcircle says:

      Thank you very much and always a pleasure!

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