Mushroom? Here? Now?

unnamed1 unnamed2It looked like a piece of thermocol in the far corner of the “10 am flower” patch, or was it plastic?
But as I continued to water the plants, I forgot about it – until the gardener came over this evening.
And he saw it. before I could say the proverbial ‘Jack Robinson,’ he had plucked it out of the soil and held it in his hands.
“It’s a mushroom,” he said. “Well, kind of, not edible,” he continued.”But it wasn’t there yesterday,” I said. “It grows overnight,” he countered. “And it grows around plants as if the plants are ‘planted’ within it.”
That’s really strange. On closely examining it, I saw it resembled an Oyster Mushroom though much thicker and firmer. But if had the same texture and looked edible enough, albeit after some cleaning.
I have seen mushrooms literally grow in front of my eyes back in India, and that too during the monsoons and that too, again, when there is thunder. But those also grow in moss-rich and very wet soil.
How come it has grown here. In Bahrain? In the summer? True, it’s been very humid in the last few days but that’s about it. Perhaps the wettest and shadiest corner of the garden was an ideal environment for it to grow, with the drip-drip of the garden tap an it all the time.
Well, wonders never cease. And nature’s wonders certainly do not! This is yet another instance when we sit up and take note of that all powerful force !

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