Chop His Off

keep-calm-and-castrate-rapists-2Finally it has happened.
Someone – and that to a senior judge of the Madras High Court – has said what I have all along – castrate child rapists!
I know this is not ever going to be possible in India – not in the foreseeable future anyway  – thanks to its ‘human rights’ and ‘democratic values’ but the observation that ‘traditional law is incapable of addressing the menace’ is telling.
Take the last few months. There have been several cases of minors being raped across India, in some cases by juveniles. A two-year old and a five-year old were among the victims.
In one case, the alleged rapist is under 18 years old and cannot, by law, be sent to a regular prison. He will, if convicted, be sent to a remand home and be out in a year, in case he does not manage to escape before that!
And, of course, he will be free to take on another victim until he turns 18.
Even after that, he would probably be tried for a decade and receive some years at the end of it all.
Why tolerate such people? Why not take the example of Russia, Poland and nine American states, including California and Florida, who have already enforced castration for sex offences against children?cher_0_0_0_0_0_0
You rape, you go to court, you are tried and convicted and you are castrated! It should be that simple!
What a deterrent this would be to would be rapists! As the judge said, it would bring ‘magical results’.
This nation needs some magic. This nation has to get away from the so-called ‘traditional justice’. India needs to wake up to the fact that its ‘democratic values’ and ‘human rights’ will get it nowhere.
Our politicians talk about “Make in India” but, before that, they should “Make India”.
The ‘reproduction factory’ this country has become should go under lock-down. Ninety per cent of the nations problems would be solved if the population is brought under control.
But who will bell the proverbial cat?
The Madras High Court judge has possibly stirred a hornet’s nest. He will be criticized, applauded, termed a ‘racist’ and a ‘fascist’ but to me, he is a hero. Believe me, it’s not easy to say this in India, from that position.
I am sure also, this will get millions of Indians thinking. Why, pray, haven’t we done this already!
Quoting from the judgement: “The court cannot be a silent spectator, unmoved and oblivious of the horrible blood curdling gang-rapes of children in various parts of India.
“Crimes against children are rising despite the stringent law. Between 2012 and 2014 the number of these crimes had increased from 38,172 to 89,423.
“The law is ineffective and incapable of addressing the menace. The court is sure the castration of child rapists will fetch magical results.”
Is anyone listening? Hope they are!!

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  1. Vamagandhi says:

    Chemical castration or chopping off testicles without anesthesia? Well, there are good patient dying of vasovagal shock if its done without anesthesia. How about chopping the penis off? That would deprive them of raping capability, rather any such capability. Judge said, in terms, a gruesome act should be punished in the same off. Think he is indicating chopping off both without anesthesia.
    I am not a human right activist, yet the technical aspect being a doctor, concerns and disturb me.

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    1. singhcircle says:

      Anesthesia or without! Chemical or chopping off! The idea is to have this as punishment so as to deter rapists. We NEED this change in the law. About time it happened!


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