Game On!

mediaWonder what bit me?
I decided to be ‘young’ again. Not that I consider myself OLD, but, yes, I have come a long way from being a kid.
Yet, I decided to play games again! The new generation game, that is.
I have just invested in a PlayStation 4, much to the shock and amazement of the children (who’ve themselves grown out of being kids) and refrains of “What?” “Why now?” “Are you serious?”
And, as if that wasn’t enough, I made a fool of myself trying to play FIFA16, scoring three self goals and being ecstatic at that.
Over the next few days, I hope, I can master the controller, get to know how to create teams and score some goals, in the process gaining some ability to challenge random online players to a game.
Years ago, when I was a kid, there was this strange-looking keyboard with a contraption to insert what looked like an audio cassette and that passed off as a Video Game! I remember we had to play that cassette for close to 30 minutes because that was the time it took to ‘load’ the came into the keyboard. That done, it was easy. Just plug in the joystick – yes it WAS a stick – and you were on the way.
I was then particularly fascinated with ‘Go Go the Ghost’ and ‘Speed Racer’, in which one had to enter several rooms and stages to make progress!
maxresdefaultThen there were video game parlours where we went after begging cash from our parents, insert coins and play. That was something and considered priceless!
Soon, that gave way to other contraptions until the PlayStation 1 arrived. The children were just a few years old and would spend hours glued to the television. Then, of course, came the PlayStation 2 and the 3, which the youngsters never bothered with and, instead got hold of a hand-held device to play after inserting a cartridge!ps4
A few years ago in my earlier job, I had a colleague hooked on the PS and I would chide him on being a ‘kid’. “Oh! How would you know,” he said. “Only when you play you will know what you’re missing.”
I wonder whether that stage has come.
If it has, I’ll be glad. At least I can re-live my childhood, even though partly!
If it hasn’t, I’ll perhaps just spend a little time every day to pass some spare time!
Meanwhile, I hope to go beyond the FIFA16, which came free with the package. I am also hoping I am able to get to know some place where they exchange games and, perhaps sell used games at cheap rates.
But only time will tell.
Meanwhile, it’s certainly GAME ON!

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  1. blondeusk says:

    Yay! I love being young again – good post

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