Mumbai? No, not quite!

IMG_2030We drove down to Mumbai on the way home from work this afternoon. The hunger pangs were severe and the traffic down to a crawl as usual at that time of the day.
And, since Mumbai Spices, located within a mall on the way seemed like a good option, we decided to stop by.IMG_2032
The vegetarian thali (platter) was, however, a disappointment – the paneer and potato curries as well as the yellow dal (lentil) did not pass muster and the barely a spoonful of raita (yogurt with onion) along with an apology for a coconut ‘barfi as dessert – all were found wanting. Add to it the large measure of rice and semi dried flat bread and you have a perfect concoction of a meal gone horribly wrong!
We should have known actually. Having tried, and given up on, this place a couple of years ago, we gave it another shot in the hope there would’ve been some improvement. But there wasn’t!
Yes, of course, we weren’t hungry as we left, leaving a substantial part behind on our plates.
These people advertise themselves as the ‘Spirit of Mumbai; Taste of India’ but neither was the spirit present nor was there any taste. All they do is to fill hungry tummies in a hurry – an ideal option for the lunchtime executives in a hurry to get back to their desks!
Some things don’t change – and this certainly will not!


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  1. Good to know! What do you think of The Yellow Chili? I believe it’s in Seef Mall. My husband and I tried the lunch buffet and our western taste expectations were pleased.

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    1. singhcircle says:

      Hi. Thanks for stopping by. TYC is certainly not up to the expectations of Indians who love to have Indian cuisine outside of their homes. Yes, it is perfectly suited for the Western taste buds, as you said. I guess there is no really authentic Indian restaurant in Bahrain that I have gone to but Lanterns (not the one in Juffair thought) comes close! On the other hand, some of the ‘roadside’ places like Calicut Live (opposite Municipality) in Manama, serving food from the Indian state of Kerala and Sada Punjab (very close to AMH), also in Manama, serving food from Punjab, are quite good and great value for money 🙂


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