Tyson’s close shave

IMG_1504 IMG_1509 IMG_1513Tyson’s had a shave today – a really close shave – partly to help him beat the heat but mainly to deal with the mess of his 24×7 shedding hair by the bucketful.
We find him rather odd looking after spending nearly a hour and a half at the ‘saloon’ but he seems to be feeling ‘lighter’ and even more energetic.
The ‘stylist’ even gave him a ‘mohawk’ look to make him feel ‘modern’ and in keeping with the times. In retrospect, I feel a little ‘brush’ at the tip pf the tail would have stood out but, then, that’s done!
This is the first time in six years that Tyson’s been through this – even though he’s a regular at the vet for his periodic checks. This has given him a deadly Saluki look, which my daughter says is ‘horrible’. She claims she’s ‘shocked’ he would be shaved but admits it’s rather warm, especially for an animal who cannot shed any ‘clothes’ and has to make do with what he carries on his back.
I remember when we were kids, our house dogs were regularly shaved in the summer and they would have their thick coats back on in time for the severe winter. BUt with the weather in Bahrain ‘warm’ and ‘hot’, there’s no room for any cold season.
Nevertheless, Tyson will have his coat back in a couple of months, ready to negotiate, from the beginning of December, what we call the winter.
Meanwhile, I hops we will be free of the hair mess!

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  1. Saluki look ! What’s that?

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    1. singhcircle says:

      Saluki is a breed of hunting desert dog!

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