Prayer Island

Mosque in BahrainI have driven by this very busy traffic island in Bahrain’s Salmabad area scores of times but this shot from on board a helicopter presented an entirely different, and surreal look. I cannot for the world of me figure out how a mosque came up ON this roundabout and attracts thousands of worshipers. To top it all, there is no traffic light – a RED signal – that gets traffic to halt for a moment so the devout can safely cross over. Well, as they say, it’s truly divine intervention and nothing else!

7 thoughts on “Prayer Island

  1. Well, indeed it is a lovely shot! You are lucky to get an aerial view.
    I wasn’t v surprised to see the mosque on the roundabout; India has places for the devout in the most unlikeliest of places. There is a Dargah Sharif bang in the middle of a highway near Chandimandir in Chandigarh. I believe you know that area well.

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