This, also, is the humble ‘idli’

IMG_0918 IMG_0914This is the humble idli, believe it or not! The popular South Indian rice cake snack, so well-known all over the world and eaten in combination with the all-time favourite sambhar, has turned up in an all-new avtaar – the idli manchurian!
Now whether the Chinese are twirling their thumbs or not, at their dish being hijacked, I wouldn’t know but this tasted absolutely divine.
I love manchurian in any form but never EVER imagined it would turn up like this. But, thanks to my daughter Asveen, she did exactly that and came up with this masterpiece.
I did a quick Google search and, yes, saw it mentioned but am convinced this preparation was one of a kind.
I also recall joking with a neighbour years ago that one day I would make grilled idli, but have never got around to that so far.
But, after having this one, I am sure I will give the grilled version a shot – and create something unusual, perhaps an idli kebeb!!

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  1. writenlive says:

    Idli Manchurian must be as good as you say. Shimla has a ‘masala idli’ version which is a rawa idli covered with a very continental sweet and sour sauce. Delicious, I must say. Maybe some day I would nip down to get a picture and write the story.

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