Summer’s Fall

11304514_10153356252940833_832415177_n 11354846_10153356252870833_1339782726_n 11541299_10153356252860833_1751531414_nOne would normally associate falling laves with the end of summer but in Bahrain, with scorching temperatures, such scenes are commonplace at the beginning of the season.
No matter how much one cleans out the piles,  they come right back.
While it may be painful in keeping the garden and the compound neat, the leaves are very photogenic and can come up with some interesting shots.
Take, for example, Tyson, who seems to be taking in the sharp sun and enjoying the ‘great outdoors’, notwithstanding the heat and the humidity.
And, yes, the garden not only looks, but is, parched!
Nothing much can be grown in these parts around now but whatever little there is to plant has to be well watered and meticulously looked after.
I am sometimes quite tempted to get the little piece of land around our house into some shape but have decided to wait until at least the middle of September until I do that because that’s when the weather will open up and be more conducive to gardening!
Until then, we will enjoy the summer.

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  1. priyankamoraes says:

    Simply love this shot!

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  2. That happens here in Texas after a long hot summer with little to no rain and too many days well over 100. I like the idea that it’s summer’s fall. Blessings, N 🙂

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    1. singhcircle says:

      Thank you very much. The summer here’s just begun and will last until at least the end of September. But the “fall” continues throughout!

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      1. It’s the same here. And it’s started a little early here so I think we are in for one long, long, hot, hot summer. 😦

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