This, also, is the humble ‘idli’

This is the humble idli, believe it or not! The popular South Indian rice cake snack, so well-known all over the world and eaten in combination with the all-time favourite sambhar, has turned up in an all-new avtaar – the idli manchurian! Now whether the Chinese are twirling their thumbs or not, at their dish being hijacked, I wouldn’t know but this tasted absolutely divine. … Continue reading This, also, is the humble ‘idli’

DJ (desert) Style

Bahrain’s desert is a very busy place in the winter but when people leave after a camping season lasting several months, they leave behind their furniture, tents and even (broken) televisions. This particular camping site must’ve been the place to be when in full flow a few months ago, complete with a nightclub and a DJ in attendance, plush sofas and carpets. Sadly, it’s up … Continue reading DJ (desert) Style

The hole store

This newspaper and magazine shop, operating virtually out of a hole in the wall in Bahrain’s Muharraq area, is a favourite with Asian, particularly Indian, expatriates, who are able to buy, and browse, publications in many languages. Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati and even Punjabi, are the most sought after and sellers make a neat packet selling these on hefty premiums. But, again, no price is too … Continue reading The hole store