Soaking in the sunset

20130205_171016 20130205_171021 20130205_171024It’s the sunset again, without the sun this time.
Bahrain’s Tubli coast is not known to attract very many migratory birds and certainly not during this time of the year when temperatures are touching 40C.
However, this pretty bird (looks like a Japanese crane) seemed oblivious to the hot weather and ventured out into the open sea looking for food.
The setting sun, the brilliant orange and the ‘lone ranger’ make for what I thought an interesting composition.
However, I wonder what’s made this beautiful creature stay behind when all of its friends are perhaps in far away lands, soaking in the cooler summer sun!
Strange are the ways of nature!

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  1. Hi wonderful shots. The bird is a flamingo. Doing a bit of closet cleaning so you may see a re-follow soon, not to worry, still here. Hehe.

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    1. singhcircle says:

      I stand corrected. I am not very sure what birds are what, they all look so similar! I try and take a good picture anyway!

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      1. No no, no correction needed, fabulous photos, no matter the bird.

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