The years teach much which the days never knew

DSC_0210DSC_0209DSC_0208DSC_0207DSC_0206DSC_0205DSC_0204DSC_0203DSC_0187This elderly gentleman is as much a part of the Old Manama Suq as the Suq itself. He is at various places, always sitting alone, sometimes appearing to doze off, at times just sitting and staring at traffic and people. He is also one of the most-photographed by visitors and tourists and has even featured in some Bahrain picture postcards. I did once try to talk with him but did not succeed. He looked as if through me. Perhaps he speaks only Arabic, which I don’t,  or it’s possible he just doesn’t want to talk. He’s probably carrying a million thoughts; a million memories, good and bad. He’s seen life for close to a century and seen the changes that have happened. Must make a fascinating story – if he talks!

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    I love the thoughts and pondering this series of photos evokes. Great candid shots, my friend!

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    1. singhcircle says:

      Thank you very much


  2. writenlive says:

    The title says it all-“The years teach much…” Sometimes I find myself wondering about what the elderly people really know and understand about this world, much the way I find myself wiser in many ways as compared to my earlier years…

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