And then they kissed!

DSC_2477 DSC_2487 DSC_2499 DSC_2508I have observed these love birds – a pair of doves really – for the last few days – and have seen them perched ‘beak-in-beak’ on trees, on the fence, the satellite dish and the wall – as if madly in ‘first-time’ love!
However, this evening when I took to the camera in trying to take pictures, strangely, they seemed to be having an argument a spat of some kind. A bit unusual, I thought, given their proximity over the last few days. 
And, then, it happened, suddenly. They seemed to hug, and then kiss, even though I missed by a whisker taking the ‘beak-in-beak’ shot!
I am sure they will be around these parts for a while and will try to capture some of their intimate moments!

The Huddle

unnammmedPigeons gather on the parapet of a mosque in Manama late in the evening, perhaps to catch up on the day’s happenings and exchange ‘gossip’.
The community spirit among birds is something that we humans should take as an example and implement in our own lives.

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages

IMG_1204This is only the second picture that I have taken of a sparrow in Bahrain. Let along that, I have never actually spotted these tiny little creatures more than a few times. That’s what happens if one stays holed up within the four walls of a high-rise apartment building or stays within the confines of a big city’s congested neighbourhood. The only other time I photographed a sparrow was just about a year ago when it was in distress and we carried out the great rescue act ( in Busaiteen. After that, this one appeared as out of nowhere on a tleafless tree in Manama. And, the ‘sighting’ was exciting, even more so since I had the camera on me at that time. Yes, Bahrain is quite a haven for birds of all kinds but not in the cities and certainly not in this terrible weather. That is why this Summer Sparrow is rather special!

Trapped by Life

unnammed“WORK – If all wealth is gained from it, how come the wealthy never have to do it?”
This is the question I keep asking myself when I see workers toiling in unforgivable conditions.
The temperature today was 42C plus and it was unbearable to be out in the sun. Walking a few score feet to the car from the confines of our home was a Herculean task but here I see a construction worker – tired, exhausted, thirsty and hungry, looking out from within scaffolding at a building under construction.
Sadly, most such workers come thousands of miles from home in the Sub Continent to earn enough money so that their families could have a fairly comfortable existence. More sad is the fact that many of them travel across the proverbial seven seas in search of greener pastures but find themselves getting trapped in a never-ending rigmarole of bondage, debt and greed.
This picture more or less captures the blue-collared workers’ lives in this part of the world!