Going Home

20150428_100338789_iOS 20150428_100339384_iOS 20150428_100340058_iOSThis municipal worker is heading home after a tiring day’s work in the heart of Manama’s financial district.
He is obviously not bothered by the hot summer sun beating down and the noisy traffic all around him as he walks briskly, possibly towards the waiting company transport and, hopefully, a hot, fresh meal.
It is workers like this one that toil throughout the day, come hail or shine, to make our lives more comfortable, cleaning the roads and clearing them of dirt and garbage, among others.
The best part is that I am yet to come across any such worker without a smile on his face and a look of contentment that seems to defy all logic.
They will always greet you with a smile, try to exchange a few pleasantries and wish you well before going on their way.
I see them all the time on traffic signals, sometimes very early in the morning and at times, late at night, sweeping away to make sure we are in a healthy environment.
Hat’s off to these dedicated souls!

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