Selfie Season

11150304_10205683004930447_7913568118135476332_n DSC_1935 DSC_1838 DSC_1821 DSC_1806The Carnival is over. The Bahrain leg of the 2015 Formula One season has been a roaring success, with record numbers of daily and season attendance, all thanks to the vision and foresight of His Royal Highness Bahrain’s Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa.
Clearly, he is the happiest of them all. At the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) several times to cover the race for the Gulf Daily News, I have had the honour of meeting and speaking with His Royal Highness and he has always been very warm and extremely friendly, all the time addressing me with a very polite “Mr. Singh.”
And, yes, he’s like that with everyone – journalists, guests, visitors, VIP’s. Journalists, in particular, have taken a fancy to getting themselves photographed with HRH as this ‘selfie’ by my friend Habeed shows.
May Your Royal Highness continue to prosper and take Bahrain to greater heights.
Meanwhile, it was selfie season at the BIC as these pictures show. I took several shots of people’s faces, in different moods and expressions but I singled out those that show people taking selfies.
This is the ‘in’ thing for sure. The phones these days have made this so easy and the ‘stick’ to take one is also a handy gadget. I have personally never managed to take the perfect selfie myself and always end up looking wither too much into the camera or too away from it.
I leave that to the experts. Meanwhile, I do what I like to and believe I am comfortable with. Taking photographs!

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  1. hbhatnagar says:

    That’s why I wrote what I did about selfies in a post. 😀

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