A Maverick Mac

Hell, it’s happened.

Something that I had hoped all these months would not is taking place as I write this. iOS Mavericks is downloading again on my Mac.

I had excitedly installed Yosemite recently but it botched up the computer to such an extent I had to carry it to the Apple Centre to get back Mavericks. The service guy then warned me Mavericks has developed some bugs and I would do well to get the latest version.

However, I had no intention in doing so and continued with Mavericks. But I guess the bug’s hit home. The Mac would just not start this afternoon and prompted me to reinstall. And that’s what’s happening now.

Hopefully, the computer will start working again from where I left it last night. If it doesn’t, it’s back to the service centre. And, if it does, well, I’ll upgrade to Yosemite and hope it’s been fixed properly since October when it was first launched for the public.

It’s wait and watch until the next four hours.

By the way, this blog’s coming your way courtesy another Apple winner. The iPad!!

May the tribe prosper.