Pigeons’ cat

DSC_0851To most people, this might look bizarre. A cat among pigeons! And everyone seems to be perfectly at home. I have never known cats and birds to co-exist and remember once seeing a feline ruthlessly ‘execute’ the neighbour’s pet parrot. Which led him to bring another one and that, too, was summarily taken apart.
In the not too distant past, I have sometimes seen cats and chicken together, looking for food in the same rubbish heap but they’ve always been at a safe distance.
On this Muharraq street, however, it’s all peace in the name of food. A tad bit untidy and littered but a sight all the same as the rather large cat sits patiently for its turn while the pigeons feed!
Nature has some strange sights up its sleeve!

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  1. priyankamoraes says:

    Yes it is rather queer!!! Nice capture !

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  2. writenlive says:

    ‘Bizarre’, yes, at first look. But predator and prey co-existing and even cooperating is a lesson for us humans.

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