This is life

unnamedThese two photographs signify the ‘face’ of life.
The picture of the garbage collector has been taken in Bahrain where he toils several hours a day to keep the country clean, while the other picture is from Chandigarh, India, where this welder is going home after a grueling day’s work, taking a lift in a cycle ‘pick-up.’
undnamedThe common factor between the two was they seemed content with doing what they were. While I did not get an opportunity to speak with the welder, the garbage collector in Bahrain said he is happy at the employment, which gives him around $350 a month, a princely sum when compared to what he would make back home in India.
Life, of course, is tough and it reminds me of the famous quote: “Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.”

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