‘Coffee’ break

Blue-collared workers at a Bahrain construction site take time off to rest and have a snack. The real estate sector in the country is once again on an upswing after several years of uncertainty, especially in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and the political events in the region in 2011.  

Taken by surprise

A trip to the hills in Northern India is never complete without several encounters with primates of different kinds and it’s almost always that they have the upper hand over us humans. They have been known to take off people’s hats and eyeglasses, not to mention making off with food packets and raiding the refrigerator….

Dewdrops in the fog

Dewdrops on very intricately woven cobwebs display the awesome power of nature and its creations. These pictures were taken at Shimla, a hill station in India’s Northern Himachal Pradesh State, in 2009, on a cold and foggy morning.

Night waves

A passing car in the background creates a ‘wave’ effect as it ‘bounces’ along on the rocky coastline in Busaiteen, Bahrain. This area is a favourite for amateur photographers who experiment with their cameras to take that perfect picture on different settings. This picture of a ‘beach chalet’, taken long after the sun had gone…


Taking night shots is challenging but I have done a lot of it lately, mainly to discover some of the “hidden” features of my camera. This picture, of a clear moonlit night and still waters on the Manama cost, close to Bahrain’s financial district, shows the calmness of the night and the almost pin drop…